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Machine Learning Engineer


At UPMC Enterprises, we help create health care innovations that will impact the lives of patients in meaningful, lasting ways. The Machine Learning Engineer will perform both exploratory and targeted algorithm development and research to develop cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to help change the face of modern healthcare.


  • Propose statistical or machine learning based model/methodology for problem-solving Propose accuracy measures and validation criteria for the model
  • Implement and evaluate proposed model/methodology
  • Communicate project activities, statuses, accomplishments, and strategic direction with executive management both in oral and written communication
  • Work with product managers, partners and peers to formulate the data analytics problem
  • Evaluate new hardware and software products and technologies and participate in project assessments as necessary
  • Promote and participate in professional self-development to stay up-to-date with new technologies and development approaches within the industry
  • Communicate the results and methodology effectively within the team and to external stakeholders
  • Implementing Packaged Solutions: Configuration & Testing: In-depth knowledge of a particular Packaged Solution and of the business processes the package supports. Customize the package for local needs using propriety APIs, tools, and scripting languages. Develop and validate system requirements and specifications. Design schemes, architecture and models and create and test prototypes. Develop, or acquire and customize and test system/application components and interfaces. Integrate subsystems/application units and conduct systems/applications level testing and validation. Develop and implement system/application release and testing. 


-Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Applied Math, Statistics, Operations Research, Physics, Computational Biology or other similar quantitative field.

-Master's degree or PHD preferred. 

-NLP experience preferred. Computer vision experience preferred.

-Generally has 3+ years of relevant experience (machine learning and software engineering).

-Proficiency in statistical analytics and machine learning algorithms especially for supervised and unsupervised methods.

-Proficiency in at least one high level programming language like Python or Java.

Proficiency in at least one statistical modeling tool from among R, Matlab or Weka.

-Any experience with Hadoop/YARN/Mesos/Spark/Elasticsearch/Kafka and building applications end-to-end.

Licensure, Certifications, and Clearances:

UPMC is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Disability/Veteran

Location: Pittsburgh, PA, United States
Job ID: 713322311

UPMC is an equal opportunity employer.
Minority / Females / Veterans / Individuals with Disabilities