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Lab & Operations Manager - Novasenta


Job Description and Purpose:

The Lab and Operations Manager provides administrative oversight and team leadership for the day to day maintenance and management of laboratory and office facilities at Novasenta Inc., a UPMC Enterprises funded biotech startup.

Novasenta’s mission is to transform medicine by enabling innovative drug discovery at the interface of disease, immunity, and metabolism. Novasenta uses a next generation drug discovery approach combining unique experimental and computational tools to explore the human tumor microenvironment and discover novel therapeutically relevant targets and drugs.

• Reports to the CEO and Director of Research Operations (dotted line).
• Completes assigned tasks with appropriate support from administrative assistant and research staff.
• Establishes, maintains and manages lab and office infrastructure as well as team resources that enable the team at Novasenta to achieve its core mission.
• Manages lab operations
o Establishes and maintains appropriate manuals, standard operating procedures (SOP) and research protocols to support the safe, effective, and uninterrupted operation of Novasenta’s state-of-the art lab facilities.
 Works with scientific staff to maintain a comprehensive set of training documents and SOPs for all Novasenta procedures (including animal experiments).
 Oversees the appropriate handling and documentation required for the storage, use, and disposal of hazardous substances used by Novasenta.
 Plans, contracts, and manages suitable third-party solutions and services in support of Novasenta’s in-house rodent experimentation facility
 As needed, establishes, and maintains appropriate laboratory accreditations and operating standards to conduct work under Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).
o In close coordination with the Director of Research Operations implements and manages:
 A purpose build lab information management system (LIMS).
 A state-of-the-art inventory management, ordering and supply chain solution.
o Oversees procurement and inventory management with an eye towards ensuring uninterrupted lab operations and maximizing financial resource utilization.
o Establishes and manages strong relationships with relevant third-party product, service, and solutions vendors.
o In close coordination with research staff ensures maintenance of laboratory instrumentation in good working condition to support high quality research.
o As needed, supports the planning, procurement, and validation of new lab technologies.
• Manages office operations
o Oversees the planning, implementation, and maintenance of critical office solutions (e.g., IT, telecommunications/videoconference, document production and storage).
o Establishes best practices guidelines and procedures to enable safe and productive use of the office spaces by all Novasenta employees, visitors, and key stakeholders
o Plans and coordinates space use for dedicated and shared use spaces across the office and establishes suitable resource planning and booking solutions.
o Maintains a suitable stock of office supplies.
o Maintains a clean, hygienic, and well stocked break area for the team.
o Builds and maintains strong relationships with relevant third-party product, service, and solutions vendors.
• Under the guidance of the CEO oversees the implementation and oversight of outsourced general and administrative functions (e.g., HR and benefits, finance, and procurement, etc.)
• Oversees the timely processing and payment of all invoices related to lab and office purchases
• Coordinates with building management and appropriate third-party vendors the general maintenance, safe keeping, and cleaning of Novasenta facilities and adjacent common building use spaces.
• Completes other job duties as required.

What we offer for you:
• Mission-focused impact opportunity to drive support R&D that will change the trajectory of cancer care for patients.
• Highly competitive pay and benefits package.
• A dynamic, fast-paced startup culture combined with the stability of a well-established entity (UPMC).
• Work with experienced leaders in the drug discovery, immunotherapy, and cancer field.


• Required qualifications:
o Bachelor's degree or equivalent required, with >2 years of relevant working experience.
o Proficient in Microsoft Office applications, including PowerPoint and Excel.
o Fundamental proficiencies in accounting and project management.
• The ideal candidate combines the above with some or all the following qualifications:
o Working experience in a commercial R&D or operations setting.
o MBA or other relevant post-graduate qualifications.
o Experience with laboratory information system (LIMS) is a plus.
o Experience working under GLP standards and ensuring BSL-2 safety compliance is a plus.
o Experience overseeing vivarium operations is a plus.
• Excellent verbal and written communications skills.
• Creative problem solver with proven ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
• Must be team oriented and able to work in a highly collaborative and interactive work environment.
• Excellent organizational and project oversight skills.
o Must be detail-oriented and well organized.
o Must be able to manage multiple and rapidly changing priorities with ability to quickly learn new skills

Licensure, Certifications, and Clearances:

UPMC is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Disability/Veteran

Location: Pittsburgh, PA, United States
Job ID: 327111310

UPMC is an equal opportunity employer.
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