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Sr. Director, Immunogenomics and Scientific Solutions, DASH

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ITTC (Immune Transplant and Therapy Center) will have a three-individual leadership team lead by the Vice President of ITTC DASH. The Vice President will lead overall efforts and provide scientific and business direction for DASH from an early stage. S/he will be supported by a  Senior Director of Immunogenomics and Scientific Solutions, who will be focused on the day-to-day operations of a high-throughput, multi-modality service lab. S/he will also be supported by a Director of Data and Analytics, focused on leading a team of bioinformaticists and computational biologists who provide fundamental bioinformatics support to investigators and drive the build-out of a complex research database, infrastructure and advanced analytics capabilities. This individual will be focused on integrating multi-omic sample and patient data for in-silico development of biomarkers and clinical predictors.

  • As appropriate works with domain experts to develop novel assays (e.g. functional assays, clinical assays, etc.) in-line with the needs of key ITTC stakeholders
  • As appropriate, evaluates the need to outsource lab operations to third party providers to meet critical timelines or access gold-standard solutions
  • Oversees the development of the required lab infrastructure in the areas of: Short term: Genomics (NGS-based WGS, WES, RNA Seq, T-Cell receptor sequencing, etc.) Proteomics (Mass spectrometry, NMR, etc.) Cell analysis (Multiparametric flow cytometry and cell sorting) Immunoassays Longer term: Metabolomics (e.g., lipid analysis, cell respiration, etc.) Microbiome
  • Provides day-to-day operational leadership and staff oversight for the analytical laboratory arm of ITTC DASH
  • Responsible for financial planning and budgeting of lab operations
  • Runs the lab to meet operational and regulatory requirements associated with high-throughput labs processing clinical samples Support of highly scalable, automated analytical lab processes As needed, ensure compliance with GLP/GMP, CLIA and New York CLEP, etc. Put in place a state-of the art sample management and storage system Implementation of laboratory information system (LIMS)
  • Supports the build-out and manages and leads a multi-disciplinary team of scientists and technicians to provide analytical services to ITTC DASH investigators and customers
  • Works collaboratively with Scientific Director and Director of Data and Analytics to ensure strategic and operational alignment


  • MD, PhD or combined degree 
  • 10+ years of professional experience 
  • Experience setting up a CLIA laboratory 
  • Experience in incorporating and validating a broad range of analytical technologies 
  • Relevant research and discovery experience in academia or industry across key areas of immunology, including but not limited to: 
  • T-Cell biology Cancer immunotherapy 
  • Transplantation The ideal candidate would have extensive experience in running: 
  • T-Cell repertoire analysis 
  • T-Cell antigen discovery 
  • High throughput T-cell response assays 
  • Experience in developing and validating assays  
  • Experience setting up and operating sample management and storage solutions and LIMS

Licensure, Certifications, and Clearances:
UPMC is an equal opportunity employer. Minority/Females/Veterans/Individuals with Disabilities

Location: Pittsburgh, PA, United States
Job ID: 671653

UPMC is an equal opportunity employer.
Minority / Females / Veterans / Individuals with Disabilities