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Vice President, ITTC DASH

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ITTC (Immune Transplant and Therapy Center) will have a three-individual leadership team lead by the Vice President of ITTC DASH. The Vice President will lead overall efforts and provide scientific and business direction for DASH from an early stage. S/he will be supported by a Director of Immunogenomics and Scientific Solutions, who will be focused on the day-to-day operations of a high-throughput, multi-modality service lab. S/he will also be supported by a Director of Data and Analytics, focused on leading a team of bioinformaticists and computational biologists who provide fundamental bioinformatics support to investigators and drive the build-out of a complex research database, infrastructure and advanced analytics capabilities. This individual will be focused on integrating multi-omic sample and patient data for in-silico development of biomarkers and clinical predictors.

  • Builds relationships and coordinates efforts with ITTC leadership and funded PIs.
  • Coordinates all efforts and resources for an integrated immuno-discovery center.
  • Coordinates build-out of suitable infrastructure, team and capabilities with support from Director of Lab Operations and Director of Data and Analytics, including: Clinical sample acquisition, processing and biobanking Genomics Lab Comprehensive assay menu (genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, microbiomics, HTS, peptide libraries, cell transfection, cell culture, etc.) Bioinformatics and computational biology Biostatistics and study planning Research database development (integrating clinical patient characteristics interventions and outcomes with comprehensive molecular sample characteristics, and imaging data) AI/ML analytics for unsupervised identification of biomarkers and clinical predictors
  • Defines detailed operational road map and milestones based on the strategic vision, mission and goals set out for ITTC DASH and the specific support needs of ITTC PIs' projects.
  • Development of successful models to monetize IP, including Proactive management of development partnerships with industry and Identification of commercial product opportunities for potential spin-outs.
  • Establishes clear processes and communication channels that ensure seamless support of ITTC-funded projects.
  • Oversees and supports recruitment of Director of Lab Operations and Director of Data and Analytics positions.
  • Oversees the evaluation of UPMC/Pitt programs and external vendors and the need to outsource lab operations and key data analytics to meet critical timelines or access gold-standard solutions.
  • Provides overall scientific leadership and strategic direction for the new company.
  • Supports ITTC leadership in exploring strategic options and alternative business models for ITTC DASH, including the following possibilities: Development of a successful, high volume, third-party service lab business.


  • PhD required, with strong scientific and business orientation. (MD a plus).
  • Minimum of (10) years of professional experience, with relevant research and discovery experience in academia and/or the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Experience across key areas of immunology, including but not limited to: T-Cell biology, Cancer immunotherapy, and/or Transplantation.  
  • Our ideal candidate would have strong experience and research interests in T-Cell repertoire analysis, T-Cell antigen discovery, and High throughput T-cell response assays. 
  • Biomarker discovery experience, ideally having identified and developed clinically actionable biomarkers, predictors and assays to assess genetic risk, disease prognosis, and/or therapeutic response.  
  • Experience in running a cutting edge, multidisciplinary research program or clinical laboratory.  
  • Broad assay technology experience, ideally having incorporated and validated a broad range of analytical technologies (e.g., genomics, proteomics, cell analysis, metabolomics, microbiome). 
  • An impressive academic resume (publications, etc.) or proven track record of discovery and development of commercial programs. 
  • Experience operating successfully in a complex organization.

Licensure, Certifications, and Clearances:
UPMC is an equal opportunity employer. Minority/Females/Veterans/Individuals with Disabilitie

Location: Pittsburgh, PA, United States
Job ID: 671651

UPMC is an equal opportunity employer.
Minority / Females / Veterans / Individuals with Disabilities